Ringo round the posie.

We’ve had a guy here for the past couple of days doing some electrical work (OMG YAY), and yesterday, I had the afternoon to work on a few projects whilst dude was gettin his electricity on. I finally was able to do some touch up painting (seriously, finally finished painting the master bedroom), did a bit of cleaning… and made a wreath. The supplies for this wreath have been sitting on the floor of the craft room for a couple months, so… let’s get on that already.

Step one: Gather your supplies.supplies

Step one point five: Get yourself a helper. Projects are always better with a helper.Helper

Step three: Wrap the wreath form with twine. I used the hot glue gun to tack the twine down periodically as I wrapped.Wrapped Twine

Step four: Make some paper flowers! Taking a square of scrapbook paper, I started to cut out a spiral and left a little nubby on the interior of the spiral. Then you roll the paper up so that it ends at the nub. Then bust out your glue gun and tack that paper down.

Wrapped flowerStep five: Glue those paper flowers down! Just go with your gut here. I mean, really. They’re paper flowers. Nbd.finished_wreath

Step six: Get that wreath on the door and all your guests will feel instantly welcomed. Or something.Wreath on Door



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