Glutens must die.

So I mentioned a while ago that J and I were on a “let’s get healthy” plan. Truth be told, it’s tough to be consistent with going to the gym and dedicating time to fitness. It’s also tough to plan enough in advance for healthy, balanced lunches throughout the week. (Dinners, for me, are much easier to plan for.) So, sure, I go to the gym twice a week and then walk the dogs about 5 days out of the week. But something was amiss.

Let’s rewind all the way to January. I started noticing some stomach issues and some weird allergies. And when I say allergies, I mean hives. And when I say hives, I mean… well… hives. And when I say stomach issues, I mean… cramps, bloating, feeling nauseous, feeling “other pains”, etc. And then on top of all that, my arthritis was terrible for much longer than usual. And then on top of that, I felt utterly and completely exhausted in my bones. All of these things compounded to the point of misery. As in… angry at everyone I was hanging out with because I felt terrible.

On a whim, I googled “gluten intolerance” and lo and behold, I was experiencing a majority of those symptoms. Having already visited a doctor that told me people don’t develop these types of allergies later in life, I didn’t feel it necessary to revisit and be told some more junk. I know my body, I know what I feel, and, well, he lied.

So the past three to four weeks, I’ve been eating gluten-free. Almost immediately, the bloating (fatty fatty 2×4) feeling went away, the arthritis felt immensely better, and the BIG issue- the stomach pains- are gone. I say immediately, but it took a couple days for the glutens to finish exiting my body and start correcting some of the issues. But the stomach. Oh. My. Gosh. Immediate relief.

What does this mean on a daily basis? I mean, gluten is in everything, right? Yes, it’s in a lot. But there are tons of options these days. Most Thai food is gluten free– they typically use a rice noodle vs. a wheat noodle. Sushi is good, so long as you ask for gluten-free soy sauce (most places have it). Really, what it all comes down to is planning. We’ve started doing a weekly meal-plan, which saves us a TON of money and heartache when deciding what to eat every night. We know exactly what we’re eating and there’s no confusion.Satay

Really what this means is reading labels and being aware of what you’re putting in to your body. Lots of (name brand, popular) cereals are GF- you just have to look. Sausage and “blended” meats are typically not GF, so just be sure to read the label. And jelly bellies. Oooooh my jelly belly. Totally GF. So there might be a post or two with recipes in the future. We’re getting better at what we can make, and making it delicious. lunch

And, really. These foods don’t seem like much of a sacrifice.   Jelly bellies


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