A long time coming.

Waaay back in November, J took me to Charlottesville for my birthday. (Highly recommend a quick vacay to that area.) On the way home, we randomly stopped in to an estate sale warehouse that just happened to be having a “50% off everything in the warehouse” sale. Duh, we found some a lot of goodies and brought them back to our teeny apartment and shoved them in to the attic, hoping to use them one day.Project_carWell, “one day” has arrived. We picked up the lovely solid pine shelf at the bottom of the pile there for a mere $12.50. For a while, it sat in the garage and focused itself on housing paint samples and miscellaneous other supplies. Then Mom and Dad came around and made us some ridiculous shelves that then housed the paint samples and miscellaneous other supplies.

So, while I was finishing up the last of the cabinet doors, I figured it would be a good time to get the shelf prepped and ready for it’s final resting place– an unused, sad corner of the kitchen that housed the trash can. Wall Before_Shelf BeforeFirst up was primer- one thin and even coat worked wonders.Shelf_Primed Then came the bright white (used for the trim throughout the house), followed by the green, which was a sample color we had once thought about using for the kitchen cabinets. A few screws later (of course, we properly anchored the shelf into studs), and the shelf was ready to go! Shelf_on_wallAhhhhh. So much better.


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