Remember this?

Remember when we moved in and the kitchen looked like this? And had an intercom and a wall separating the living room from the heart of the home?  Step1And it almost immediately went to this, because the cabinets were so nasty?


And then it started to look like this? And we got excited and could put some dishes in them?Step3And then I got a little crazy with the saw one day?Step4

And then this?step5

And then we got tired and stopped for a while?

Well.    FinishedKitchenCompletePainting Complete


8 thoughts on “Remember this?

  1. This looks like the knotty pine cupboards in our country house; would love to reproduce what you have done there!

  2. This looks great! The painted cabinets make such a difference! We had the older metal-trimmed counters when we bought our house, but had to replace them when we redid our kitchen. I love how they look against your cabinetry! Great makeover!

    • Thanks! So with your metal-trimmed countertops– did you ever get shocked by them? I’ve been noticing lately that when I wash dishes, I’ll get shocked by the countertop!! Please tell me I’m not alone… 🙂

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