Some finished things.

I keep getting questions like… “Kelly, when are you going to show us some finished pictures?” and… “Are you ever going to finish a project?” And that’s actually a lie. I never get those questions. But I ask them to myself all the time. 🙂 Most of the time, I just plain old forget to take pictures of the “finished” product. And I put finished in quotations because things around here are never actually finished. They’re really just the most recent iterations of whichever project I feel like working on. And/or have cashmoneys to pay for.

Remember the kitchen light? And how it was not-quite-done? Well, here’s the finished product. With an Edison bulb and painted shelves.Kitchen_light_finishedSink_light

Dining room light? Wrapped the cords with twine to give a more cohesive, less octopus-look. And I added some colorful candles. And cut the burlap back a bit more, to allow for more [filtered] light to get down to the table.Finished_DR_Light

DR_LightMaster bedroom? More on this later, but, I made some pillows to tie the newly painted bedside lamps in to the color scheme.     Bed_With_pillows Finished_bedPhew. That’s enough for now. Happy Friday, y’all. Enjoy the long weekend. I’m going to the beach. You guys have any big plans?


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