How-to. A succulent birdcage garden.

As I was perusing Pinterest the other day, I came across this funsies little guy and thought to my self… “self, that might just be easy enough and low-maintenance enough that I can knock that out in like… an hour!” And we already had a birdcage that was sitting in a closet. Entonces, a succulent birdcage garden.     Succulent_birdcage_idea

First, I purchased a bunch of succulents (I think I totaled eight), marble rocks & potting soil from the Home Depot. I didn’t quite find the plastic lining trays I wanted/ needed there (I was looking for a specific size to fit the bottom of the birdcage), but I was able to find some at Lowes. Yay for them. I also picked up a fun spray paint color for the cage itself.succulentsbefore

I lightly cleaned the cage off (dusted it), then did a few (light) coats of spray primer. Which made it look so much better already! (Apparently, that step was not photographed. Lo siento.) Follow that with a few (light) coats of the selected paint color, and ta-daaaa! Happy happy happy (a-la Phil Robertson).

Then I shoved the plastic trays in, and sprinkled some of the smaller marble rocks mixed with potting soil along the bottom. Then I just had some fun with the succulents. And no, I didn’t prick myself with the cactus. Although it was a little dicey there for a moment. After the little guys were in place, I added a bit more potting soil and watered.plantingafter

Then I marched the birdcage out to its final home- the front porch. I think this is a nice little bit of color for the porch, in addition to some greenery. Hopefully they’ll still be alive in a couple weeks. *fingers crossed*porch_Succulents


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