Finally! A post on the garage!

This has taken me a while to get to– remember when Mom and Dad came to visit? And tricked out our garage with some sweet shelves? And then I only posted one tiny picture of the shelves, taken by my phone? garage ShelvesRight. Well. Here’s the follow-up to that.

Mom and Dad handled some issues for us. Step one was emptying out the garage of our miscellaneous junk. ie- they fixed the attic steps and then shoved a bunch of stuff up in to the attic. And then they got to work.

First up was the giant floor-to-ceiling shelf. It was a fairly basic [simple] design, but incredibly functional. Dad spaced the shelves at different heights to allow for various items to go on each shelf. Mainly, we wanted a place to house all of our paint cans. (Sample cans, gallon cans, and spray paints.) Consider that done.Tall_Shelf

Then they moved on to the wall that is shared with the Washer and Dryer. In addition to a work bench, they added a couple taller shelves which just so happened to include a hanging rack. Another incredibly simple design that is wonderfully useful and practical.

Side_Shelvescurtain_rodThirdly, a work bench along the back wall. AND A SHOE SHELF. That’s what really sealed the deal for me. I get excited about shoe organization. Like unbelievably excited. DON’T HATE.shoe_shelves

After the shelves were crafted and trimmed out, J went back over them with a water-based poly, which dried in just a couple hours. Yay!poly

We (of course) still need to add some more organization (like drawers or baskets or some such extras), but as for now, it’s an incredibly handy and useful addition to our home. Hurrah for storage and pretty pretty shelves!work_bench


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