Hey, Friday. Hey, Mother’s Day. Hey, Craft.

Let’s just jump straight in to this post with the disclaimer that my mother is the best mother ever. Okay? Now that it’s been settled, we can focus our attention to crafts. (My crafting addiction can totally be attributed to Mother.) I doubt mother would ever say that she’s “crafty”, but she is. I grew up being able to ask her to make my dolls and I matching clothes. DONE. We also got these sweet magnets in the shape of animals, hand-painted by mother. With a clothespin glued to the back. (Way better than this whole washi-tape thing.)

Irregardless, Mother’s Day was last Sunday. If that is surprising to you, um… you’ve got bigger fish to fry than to learn how to make a lavender sachet. Mmkay? You should probably start groveling instead. So Martha, in all her foreknowledge, sent me this little teaser project a few weeks before DiaDelMadre. I’ve been checking this kind of stuff (handcrafted pouch-things that smell good) out for a long time now- as in… years. And it was finally time to give it a go.

First, I purchased this GIANT bag of lavender pods via amazon. (AMAZON, are you listening? Do you see how much junk I buy from you?!?) I figured I could make lots of little pouches with these guys. Secondly, I opened up my fabric scraps box and made my selections. Then, ironing. This is a very important step that I’ve missed frequently in my sewing career. Seriously, iron your fabrics before you lay them out.

I cut each square to 4.5″, using my trusty rotary cutter and cutting mat. Squares… then pinned two squares together (wrong sides facing).Wrong Sides

Then I sewed along three of the edges, leaving a hole to flip them right-side out. SewThreeSidesThen I did just that.FlippinOut

I had my trusty helper nearby, and had Jonathan scoop some lavender in to the pouches while I finished sewing the set.FillUpAfter each pouch was filled, I sewed a quick seam along the top- nothing fancy, but totally functional.

VIOLA. Really. Easy. And they smelled delershus.      AllDone

So yeah. Happy Mother’s Day and junk.


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