Mah Man.

Today is my one-and-only’s bday. This guy has changed my life in so many indescribable and wonderful ways that it seems inadequate to even pretend I could type these changes out. But some of my most favorite things about him:

He is fun. Really. He lights up rooms when he walks in, making people glad to see him. And happy to wear beards (and/or grow them out for two weeks) to celebrate him.

BeardParty He is adventurous and willing to try new things. Like catching 90 lb fish. Or eat cauliflower for the first time ever. He’s up for the challenge.Fishy

He is caring. He loves deeply, fiercely, and wholly.Whether you are his friend or a family member, he will go to bat for you. Regardless of the circumstance.Ropes

He is a hard-working man of integrity. It is not often you find a real estate agent that is honest, fights for his clients, and strives to do what is right. After having a front-row seat for these real estate transactions, I have discovered that not all agents tell the truth. Not all agents help the client find what is best (not just what will make them some commission). But this guy does.SuitAndTie

I have moments of incredibly overwhelming thankfulness and gratitude when I think about getting to spend the rest of my life with Jonathan. The kind of thankfulness and gratitude that crushes your heart until you’re just without words anymore. I’m so glad he’s my partner in life. And I’m so beyond grateful that he is who the Lord had me wait for. He was (and is) absolutely worth it.

Happy Birthday, Murfy.


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