Some Light for your foods.

Our dining room light started with this sad little fixture.Ceiling Light and Ceiling TextureA rather unimpressive, dated little light that had between two and three bulbs that worked at a time. And I kind of didn’t want to touch it. Ever. And I didn’t want to photograph it in all of it’s glory. So you get to see it from the underside.

When I saw this basket on sale at One King’s Lane and showed it to J, we were convinced it needed to be our dining room chandelier.

The first problem, was the fact that it was a hanging basket… not a light. So I set off to find some kind of light kit that would allow for multiple bulbs, as well as a spot for something to hang off of. I was only able to find the light kit (which just so happened to be in the same line of light kits that I purchased for the light I made to go above the kitchen sink) but it didn’t allow for anything to be hung off of it. And the light kit was black. Which was not quite the look that I was going for.

So I took the entire thing apart and sprayed it. (It took about 3-4 spray sessions to get each of the wires fully coated.) Black LightFirstCoatAnd in the meantime, I found a “collar loop kit“. I wasn’t going to need all of the pieces in the kit, but I wasn’t able to find just the pieces I did need. So I purchased the whole kit, with the intent of only using a couple things.

After the kit was spray painted a cream-color, I set about to reassemble/ assemble the light. The lights themselves were going to be mason jar lights, so I found some tops via The Plaid Barn (awesome place), and had to thread those on each of the light sockets before the sockets were then individually re-threaded into the canopy (the hang-y piece on the ceiling).

WiredIt took me three separate times to wire each of the sockets together, to make sure the connections were solid and not going to slip out. (The end result was a couple of these GIANT screw-caps, wrapped with electrical tape to reinforce the joint.) The ceiling medallion also had to be set in place before the light was wired up. FirstRound(Attempt one… too many different connections on this one.)Second-Round_Junction(Attempt two… these joiners are meant for solid, non-stranded wires)wired_With_Canopy(Third attempt. Yahoo~!)

After a good bit of muscles and sweat, we were able to get the light hung and functioning properly. Yay!

Prefinal_lightStill left on the list is figuring out how to tie each of the light strings down to the basket chain, in order to give a clean (but still rustic) look. In the meantime, a bit of twine does the trick.PRefinal_2By no means was this a simple, quick job. In fact, we had purchased the basket back in December/ January, and it’s been waiting for us since then. The only thing that got me to go ahead and make the light was the fact that I took the original ceiling fixture down in a bout of frustration because something was wrong with the circuit, and I figured that would be a good way to figure out what was wrong with it.

It also gives us the option of changing out what is in the basket, as well as the colors of the candles– and can also give us the option of having a fully-candlelit dinner.

** update ** Since those are the unfinished pictures, here’s an updated photo of how the light looks today.

Dining Basket Closeup_HouseofGold Dining Basket Detail_HouseofGold Dining Basket_HouseofGold


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