A little fun for the ‘rents.

In case you weren’t already aware, my Dad and Mom live in an RV. Full-time. As in… that’s their only home. It’s not their “sometimes-let’s-get-away-from-it-all-home”. They live there. Always. (If you want to read more about them/ their life, click here.) As with any home, you need some kind of welcome sign/ mat. Really, there is no other way. (Obvs, we haven’t officially gotten to this stage for our house… maybe soon.)

They picked this little sign guy up a while ago, and have been modifying it ever since. Mom’s repainted, readjusted, and tweaked it until they found it to be sufficient. Except. She wanted a little bit more. beforeIn exchange for them painting the master bedroom and cabin, hanging shelves in the garage and shed, and helping out with massive amounts of yardwork, I painted two palm trees. (That was sarcasm. The honest truth of it all is that we couldn’t repay them for their hard work.) How does one paint palm trees, you ask? Well. I had two shades of green paint, some brown, and some black. Real simple.

First, I painted the trunk. A basic isosceles triangle, if you will. Then I did some basic grass (short, skinny lines in rapid succession), and some basic palm-leaf-shapes. All quite basic.OneColorsThen I went back over those areas with some darker paints to add depth. Really, no big deal. Took about 15 minutes, and it adds just enough funsies to let everyone know the Warners are here to party.    OneDonefinished_productp.s. We’ll be back tomorrow for a bonus post. About something real fun. Promise.


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