Maybe the last Master Bedroom update for a while. Maybe.

So this is where we left off with the Master Bedroom:NoHeadboardPretty pretty paint on the walls, and some artwork hung (on walls you don’t see). But we were still lacking in the headboard department. Dad and I crafted a headboard years ago (out of a sheet of plywood and some batting), and it’s been recovered with different fabrics, to match different bedding. Last off, it was burlap-ped, which was wonderful… just didn’t go with what we wanted in the bedroom now. I prefer to use what I have on hand and just adapt it to the current needs: sometimes, that means new fabric, sometimes that means spraypaint, and sometimes that means a little bit of bling. Either way, the headboard was getting re-used!MBR Headboard DIY_HouseofGold

I have been scouring fabric stores for a while, hoping to find something that would suit both Jonathan and my respective styles. I second (and third) guess myself, thinking he wouldn’t like something, and nix it. So for this particular decision, I made him come with me to the fabric store. We saw this fabric (which I had seen before and talked myself out of), and finally pulled the trigger.Fabric_MatchingSince fabric only comes in certain widths (this one in particular was 54″ wide), and our headboard is 67″ wide, I knew I’d have to seam two pieces together. I matched up the patterns and got my sewin on. Then I laid the entire piece out flat (upside-down), centered the plywood on it, stretched the fabric around to the back, and stapled away.Fabric_laid outProgressNext on the list was the hanging part. This is where I start to get sad. This headboard is pretty big- 4’x5’7″… and it’s a solid sheet of mdf. Which is heavy. Also, I’m 5’3.75″. Ergo, the headboard is bigger than I. I measured, leveled, anchored, screwed-in, re-leveled and then used the rest of my muscles, utilized the whole “lifting with your legs” technique, and placed this bad boy in its semi-permanent home. Progress! done***updated pics!***

MBR Headboard_HouseofGoldMBR Headboard Detail_HouseofGoldLinking up with Remodelaholic!


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