Le Master is done(ish)!

As I mentioned before, it’s a huge help to have my parents here for a few weeks working on projects. They’ve managed to tackle- and finish- quite a bit of things that have (or would have) taken us quite a while to get to. Or, if we’re being honest, we may never have actually gotten to. Like, for instance, the Master bedroom.

We had selected our paint color, purchased it, and then it sat. In our garage. For months. Seriously. We had a few paint swatches on our walls, but there was nothing else done to our bedroom beyond that. We had purchased a large rug at one point (mostly because of complainyfaced me that gets sad at the thought of cold feet), and an armoire (again because of complainyface that didn’t want to get my clothes out of the guest bedroom where they once resided). But really, that was the extent of where we got with our decorating/ settling in-ness.Bed_armoire

Enter: Mother. This little petite woman works. Like a workhorse. Or like something else that is small and works hard for really long periods of time. Mother painted our bedroom. She had me trim out the room and she finished out the rest. We ran out of paint midway through, but to our delight, Sherwin Williams had a sale! A few days later, and painting was complete!

After that came the fun part… hanging [some of] our decorations, purchasing a new bedspread (quilt),Bed curtain-ing the closet,closetdoornomore and a little bit of arranging! Huzzah!Dresser

Still on the list?

  • Recover existing headboard
  • New bedside tables
  • New (taller) Lamps beside the bed?
  • Crown Moulding
  • Paint trim (and repair where door was removed from closet)
  • Recover corner flowery chair with something a bit more updated
  • Remember to take pictures in the daytime when the lighting is better. Right.

I’m sure there are still a good bit of other miscellaneous things on the list, and we’ll get to those as they come up. But in the meantime, we’re just really excited about having a nice little place to sleep and unwind in.

Hooray, Mom!


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