Later, uglybricks.

So, with spring rolling in for a weekend (and then promptly rolling back out again), it was time to get our yard-ing on. It was a sight of despair and neglect. It needed some love and cleaning and a good bit of elbow grease. Remember this little montage of loveliness from move-in? Well. It’s different now. Exteriorshome(This picture is a google streetview of our house, but I think you get the jist.)

The previous owners did, in fact, like their plants. They just didn’t exactly have a plan of where said plants/ trees/ flowers should go in the yard. We had somewhere between 5-7 trees that needed to either be replanted in a place that made more sense and/or disposed of. (I feel incredible guilt in admitting that… especially with Earth Day and all. But really. They needed to go and had nowhere to be replanted.) In addition to the trees, we had to replant azaleas, rose bushes, and a multitude of other things. Some of which look like they might make it, and some of which may not ultimately survive. And there was a giant trash pile outside our house. Seriously, this picture is less than half the stuff we had to toss, courtesy of the previous caretakers.

trashpileWe spent a solid 6 hours on Saturday digging, planting, disposing, and rearranging. And another 5ish on Sunday doing mostly the same thing. But the end result? An organized, thought-out yard, thanks to Jonathan’s landscaping prowess. Free of weirdy yardbricks that have been repurposed (more on that later). Eventually, there will be a multitude of flowers, but as for now, we have a few flowering shrubs, as well as a few non-flowering little buddies.ahhhhfter

The house went from something slightly sad-ish on the outside to a place that is looking more and more cared for and trimmed up. Like a guy that just got his hairs cut. Or cut his toenails. (Seriously, guys. Take care of your toenails. It’s gross.) Another box checked off, and we’re diggin the result!prettyprettyyard



One thought on “Later, uglybricks.

  1. Eddddddd laying in the yard 🙂 SO CUTE. The shrubbies look good!! Also, I like that mini tree thing to the right of the front stairs. GOOD WORK GUYS.

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