Kitchen again!

As I mentioned before, we’re currently in the midst of a plethora of renovations and changes. Before Mom and Dad arrived, I was able to [almost] complete step 17 (or whatever number I’m on now…) of the cabinet repaintings. Why the almost? Well, in my haste to finish and mark this project as complete, I selected the wrong doors to finish. Instead of finishing (trimming, sanding, wood filling, priming, painting, painting, painting) the cabinets to go above the exhaust fan, I finished the doors that at one point were to go above the refrigerator. As it is now, there are no cabinets above the refrigerator. Maybe at some point. But figuring out that I painted the wrong ones may have been the biggest disappointment of my life. FOR SERIOUS. So sad for me.DoorsRegardless, [most of] the doors are complete. And that’s pretty exciting. So What’s left? Other than everything? Let’s make a list.

  • Add trim to where cabinets meet the soffitupper cabinets
  • Touch-up paint (Cabinets and Ceiling and Walls. Oh, and trim paint, too.)
  • Figure out what to do with the recycling/ dog food/ water bowl areaRecycling Corner
  • Figure out what to do with the trash can area
  • New Sink! (and faucet, too!)sink_cabinet
  • Bamboo Floors (we’ve got our sample happily waiting and staring at us.)
  • Quartz Countertops (another thing we’ve selected but not yet purchased)
  • Subway Tile Backsplash
  • Cut hole for dishwasher (we already purchased one… it’s just waiting in the garage for us to install!!!) dishwasher
  • Remove cooktop/ wall oven– replace with gas range (which also means running a gas line to where the cooktop currently is)
  • Recessed lighting throughout (remove fluorescent fixture in the center)
  • Clean. Because that jank is nasty. And organize. because it’s a mess. (really, this could go for everywhere in the house. It’s a war zone.)
  • Island (stage three)

If you’re curious to see some of our ideas, check out our pinterest boards… here! And yes. Jonathan does some pinning, too. Yay.


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