It seems like this past week has been a whirlwind! Mom and Dad are in town, helping us out with a ton of things. Things that, if we’re being honest, we would never have gotten around to.

Caulking seams in the Cabin- crown moulding seams, window seams, and badly pieced together joints. And repairing crown moulding bits.

Shelves in the garage. J and I knew this was  HUGE need for us- storage and a place for everything. Our garage was being taken over by stuff, and slowly becoming less and less usable.

garage ShelvesShelves in the shed. First off, it was badly organized. We threw everything in there when we moved in, I took a stab at organizing it in the midst of cabinet-door-sanding, and we’ve left it fairly untouched since then.

Flower bed bricks. Ugly ugly bricks that should have gone away immediately. We finally ripped those puppies out and (as of now), they’re stacked by the side of the garage. Pretty yard. Not so pretty side of the garage.

YardBrickPlants outside. Ferns, Rosebushes, Daisies, Gardenias… and there is still LOTS to do. But there has been significant improvements in the yardage area thus far.

Ceiling fans. I got tired of the boxes laying around the house. Seriously, we’ve had these ceiling fans since before we moved in to the house- that’s around 4 months ago. It was time to get them installed. Well, three are installed. Two more to go.

FansInBoxesPainting the Master Bedroom. Seriously, hadn’t even pretended to start doing this. We had the color selected, a gallon of paint purchased (ummm not enough. Need to go get some more– luckily, Sherwin Williams is having a GIANT sale this weekend! Woot.), but nothing beyond that. Our room was feelin all old school and peach, and needed some love. 

Really. This has all happened since last week. It’s unbelievable what can happen in the time you leave for work and return home and the little worker bees have been buzzing around all day. It’s so nice to have these two around.

These are all non-updated photos (obvs)… I’ll make sure I take some of the finished (or even progress pics) this weekend to report!


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