Let’s get to Golfin.

JK_at_Clubhouse  As I mentioned in the last post, we were able to go to a practice round at the Masters. It was AMAZINNNGGGG. Not only that, Dad had a wonderful time. And when I say “wonderful”, I mean “best day ever in the history of ever”. Dad was beside himself the entire time. The first two hours, he ran walked the entire course and just really had a fantastic time. He talked to just about every single volunteer and/or worker there… just to get the inside scoop. He enjoyed the pimento cheese sandwich, he had a cigar, he just really really had a good time. And the rest of us enjoyed our time there also.

First, let’s discuss the landscaping. Augusta National was not always a golf course. It was first owned by a landscaper back in the late 1800’s, and he was responsible for the magnolias (of Magnolia Lane), as well as the majority of the old majestic nature of the property. The Magnolias (of Magnolia Lane) are the same age as the clubhouse, creating a history and tradition that Augusta National holds tight to.

JK_magnoliaLaneTo say that the grounds are pristine is an understatement. They’re MAJESTIC. MAGICAL. Really. They’re just perfect. Their groundskeeper/ landscaper/ person in charge deserves their pay and/or a raise. For sure.LawnPatrolJK_green

Scoreboard_JSecond, let’s discuss the food. Augusta National adheres to their traditions. They believe in them, they love them, and they follow them. Which includes their food options. The menu is selective and limited, but delightful and really all you could ask for. Also, the food is cheap! Seriously! Not even close to the food prices at an amusement park. I had a barbeque sandwich (which was filling and hit the spot), and I believe- at $3.00- was the most expensive sandwich on the menu. It was great. Also, if you are curious about the other food options, read this article.Foods

Next, the golfers. I’ve mentioned before that I grew up on this stuff. I saw some of the old favorites, some new favorites, and some of the more popular players. No, we didn’t see Phil Mickelson (Mom and Dad’s favorite), but we saw some good ones. Paul Azinger, Tiger Woods, Stewart Cink, Ben Hogan, Payne Stewart, etc. (Jk on the ben hogan and the payne stewart.)Tiger
Also, a note: we are not in pain in the pictures, although it looks like it. We’re just squinty Mcsquinterson. That is all.

All in all, I’d recommend the Masters as a family fun time activity. Really. It was great.


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