Big Poppa. Randolph. Randy. Dad. That Guy.

Friday marks a big day for the Warner-Goldmans. We’ll be in Georgia (Augusta, to be exact– which is where J is from), which just so happens to be the home of Augusta National Golf Club. It also happens to be Dad’s birthday. In fact, our visit coincides with The Masters. THE MASTERS. I’ve grown up watching Golf… or, more accurately, I’ve grown up taking naps while golf is on the TV. My Dad loves golf. He’s played it since he was little, taught Mom how to play golf, and then taught both my brother and I how to play. (In addition to teaching numerous friends how to play.)

Pre-KellyDad is a kind and generous man. He is patient, forgiving, adventurous and persistent. He loves his family deeply and fully. He is a Godly man, full of Character and Wisdom. He is a leader -of men, of his family, of colleagues. He is a favorite amongst my friends.  RandyMickeyIt seems only fitting that we’d celebrate his 60th birthday with a trip to Augusta. And a pack of tickets to a practice round at the Masters. Happy birthday to the Man who I measured all other men against (thus resulting in a very long search for my very own Mr. Wonderful). He has taught me so much, and my heart fills up and overflows when I consider the sacrifices he’s made to lead our family.

And happy twinsies birthday to Uncle Reid, who -fittingly- exemplifies all those qualities aforementioned. An equally fantastic Warner-man who I love and admire.

RandyHappy birthday, Daddy-o!Dad-Wedding


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