I had a paint-fest a couple weekends ago, while Jonathan was working on some continuing ed stuff. (Apparently, Real Estate Agents who got their licenses after 2009 are now required to “refresh” every little bit… aka… My man is gettin his smarts on.) I got about 60% of the cabinet doors done (SERIOUSLY?!??!), and then moved on to some trim and doors throughout the house. I don’t know if it surprises anyone else as much as it surprises me, but a fresh coat of bright white paint does wonders for a house. Seriously, it’s like this old lady went and got her face done.

Remember how scary and bad the doors used to be? With all their brassy-knobby-glory and potholes? door dingsBehold. White doors without [as many] potholes, and some fancy new Oil Rubbed Bronze knobs. Trim_and_knobs

Ahhhh bliss. They’re so pretty!! And functional! Much better than a big old hole in a door. Excuse me while I go marvel at these guys a bit more.



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