Officially, we’ve been on our “let’s get healthy” plan for about three weeks now. J’s been going to the Rec Center and discovering new machines to use, as well as discovering what Shin Splints are. I’ve paid Heath some visits, resulting in [plenty of] sore muscles and grunting. Since our initial visits, we are now absolutely certain that our arm muscles exist (they are reminding me of their presence right now, in fact), and that hamstrings do get tight on occasion. Ergo, stretching can go a long way in the off days. Getting up from your desk and walking around during the day also goes a long way.

So what’s changed in our pre-and post-healthy days? We eat dinner at home most weeknights… as in, we try really hard to plan dinners a day or so in advance, but we also leave room for flexibility. We’ve cut a majority of our carbo-loading tendencies, although we don’t freak out when we do eat a carb or two. Also, eating Mexican food is imperative to our well-being. Our dinners typically look like this:

delicious We need quick-prep items these days, and 2/3 of this meal is (was) frozen… aka, I can put it in the oven, clean the kitchen, vacuum, set the table, and feed the boys dinner- all while cooking. Also, did you see the styling on this bad boy? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SEASON IT IS. It snowed today. And yesterday. But it’s spring. Right.

We’ve made it a point to try to get into a routine of going to the gym. Just showing up is about 90% of the battle for me. It doesn’t hurt that I have gym clothes that I feel good in and don’t hinder my working-outs. Look good, feel good. And a good pair of shoes is a must. Oh, and a hair tie. HOW DO WOMEN WORK OUT WITH THEIR HAIR DOWN? I never understood this. Ever.running_shoes

So adding gym time into our already-busy schedule cuts down on time spent elsewhere, right? Like the house? And watching Downton Abbey? Right. The house. Well, the house will still be here (hopefully) in a few years. If I don’t get cabinet doors painted and on for another week or so, I’ll survive. If it takes two more weeks, I’ll still be okay.Our friends won’t be around us forever. We live in a highly transient area, full of [our heroes] Navy personnel, most of whom will be stationed elsewhere/ deployed in the near future. It’s important that they are a priority in our lives and we cherish the time we spend with them.

So, really, what it boils down to is that we are carving out time to exercise. And making a point of eating food that will help- not hinder- in our daily routines.


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