Cabinets, Part Seventeen

Next up… the primer. I’m trying to use up the remainder of the primer from the cabin-painting… mostly because I don’t like it and want to be done with it. I’m not a fan of how it adheres, the thickness of it, or the actual application. Or the cleanup… can’t just wash these brushes out. No sir-ee. So instead of buying paint thinner, I just decided to toss the brushes when I was done. Phew. Easy clean-up. Also, I may or may not find myself in an alternate mental state when I finish and forget to ventilate. (Note to self: ventilate whenever painting.)

Progress_paintingAfter working [last] Sunday morning/ afternoon, I was able to get a coat of primer on the door faces, as well finish priming the drawers. Annnd even managed to get a coat of white on the drawer interiors. I’m planning on lining them, but I want them to be fully painted as well. Sooo without further adieu, the cabinets:

primed_doorsYes. That is a cooler. And a boat. And cabinets in the yard. Haters to the left.


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