A quick and simple bit of artwork.

I saw this project over on Young House Love, and naturally wanted to give it a shot. First, I printed out this bad boy on some vellum. (Original can be downloaded here.)  Template

Then I busted out the old [super-expensive] art supplies left over from my Grad School days. And when I say super-expensive, I mean this pack of markers set me back around $200 bones. :/ REGARDLESS. At least they’re being used, right?

I wanted the picture to have a bit of a layered effect, so I markered it up first. I’ve been on a teal-aqua-seafoam kick lately, so I decided to stay in that palette. After the marker dried (I let it sit overnight, just to be safe… this specific type of marker takes a little bit to set. That and the fact that I needed to go watch reruns of Downton and couldn’t be distracted.), I started with the colored pencils. I generally used a shade or two off from the markers- just for a bit of a pop.LoveCollage

And then the frame! And then the wall! To the windooooowwww- to the wall!


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