Cabinets Part Sixteen.

These dang cabinets. It’s been about 3 months since we’ve moved in, and other items seem to (always) take priority over finishing the cabinets. But not today! Errrr at least not Sunday. In addition to painting them, we decided we wanted to change up a little bit of the door style as well. Ergo, takes more time.

But first, the repairs. Similar to the bedroom doors, the cabinet fronts were a bit banged up and in need of some sweet sweet loving (which means wood putty, in this instance). The drawers got a bit of glue and filler to get the faces back to their originally sturdy condition. I just squeezed a bunch of wood glue in the cracks, clamped it (let them sit for a couple days), and let it set up. Viola, a brand new-ish drawer.

drawer damage The lattice-cutting was actually a fairly easy process– especially with the mitre saw (my new bff). The only problem (which is hopefully rectified with a little bit of wood filler) is that these doors are not entirely square. Like many things in the house, we’re not necessarily expecting perfection with our end product. We’re hoping for something that works and looks good.


Again, I grabbed the wood glue first, followed by some nail gun action.  tacking_down

The actual process didn’t take very long– it’s the following step that took much much longer than anticipated. After the glue and let-dry process, I filled in all the edges with wood filler. Let dry, sand, and repeat. I think I did this process an average of three times per door (some took more filler, some took less). The part that takes the longest of all this is the drying time. I wanted to ensure there was ample time for each application of wood filler to dry before sanding– just to make sure.

So next on the list? Primer and paint! YESSSS. Hopefully soon.


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