Honey, we’ve got visitors!

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been a bit preocupado with some bits and haven’t gotten around to house-things. Last weekend, we had two houseguests who came in town for our good friend Eric’s going away party. Eric’s lady-friend came in on Thursday, and got to stay until Tuesday. Hooray for the first full test of the guest room. (It worked just fine, in case you were wondering.)

Neislar flew in on Friday and stayed through Saturday. He’s a good friend of J’s from his college days, and goes by lots of different names at our house: Lindsey, Slarcat, Slaardvark, Slarbeque, ColeSlar, Slargarita, etc. Slar and J spend lots of time doing manly things together… hammering things, fishing for things, shooting shotgun things, grilling steaks and things, sitting around a fire-thing, etc. Neislar will be finishing up his last bits of college this spring, and will be looking for a job- holler if you want to hire him. He’s good at lots of things. These are not his resume(s), but truth be told- he does have cat-like reflexes. He also does know how to speak English. So hire him! (Especially if you live in Virginia Beach.)  Resume Resume2Before the end of the trip, I made the boys pose for pictures. After ten shots, these are the only acceptable ones to show you. SlarVisitSlarVisit3SlarVisit2


One thought on “Honey, we’ve got visitors!

  1. HAHAHA the resumes. Slarbeque is clever. I get email notifications whenever you post… in case you were wondering… #notstalker #maybealittle #yes

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