In the past six months of our lives, we’ve been busy busy bees. After returning back from Costa Rica, we finished moving my things into J’s apartment. Then we started the search for a home to call our own. 4 months after getting marriaged, we purchased. Then we moved. Then we started renovating.

In the midst of all that, we’ve neglected our health. In a big way. We’ve been eating out, we’ve completely stopped working out, and we basically have been relying on the fact that banging nails is a form of exercise. But not anymore! We’ve made the decision that it’s time to get our rears in gears.

Additionally, I’ve been dealing with some stomach issues… not quite sure what’s happening, but I suspect it’s some kind of food allergy that involves yeast. Which results in some angry achies, making me want to hibernate on the couch and not move for the rest of the evening.

Today marks day one of Operation: Fitness in the House of Gold. What the heck does that mean?

  1. Work out. J’s renewing his membership to the Rec Center, and I’m renewing my workouts with Body By Heath. (check his site out here.) I was an avid go-er and cheerleader for his business for about 1.5 years before I took my 6 month respite. It’s time to return.
  2. Eat well. This doesn’t mean dieting or not eating things… it just means we need to make [food] choices that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle. More fruits/ veggies, less “heavy” things (cream sauces, breads, etc.). (Which coincides “nicely” with the stomach issues thing.”)

Really. That’s it… A simple two-step plan to get us back on track. Soooo what’s our motivation? Lots of things, really. We took “before” pictures last night, and those are pretty motivating. And they may never be shared. But if we’re honest with ourselves (nothing is more honest than a camera) and are displeased with the way we look or feel, we’re the only ones in control of that. Ergo, we are the only ones that can change ourselves. I can’t change J’s habits, J can’t change my habits. We’re motivated by the beach. We have goals to spend LOTS of time at the beach this year, and spending more time in bathing suits is another motivator. But, for me, feeling good is a big motivator. I’m tired of being achy (thanks, premature arthritis), feeling “heavy” (thanks to poor eating habits), and being tired (lack of movement throughout the day). So we’ll be posting about our progress, maybe a meal or two, and how we’re fitting this in to our (already busy) lives. All in addition to renovating.workoutClothes

Which, by the way, we made some strides in the kitchen cabinet department yesterday. Drawers have been primed and the doors have their final bit of wood filler! YES!! But instead of showing you a pic of a primed drawer (yawn), here’s a sneak peek to the cabin. Some readers might recognize the little painting on the right from Almadean’s collection.  Cabin_wallWhat about you? Fitness plans? Goals? Fighting off injuries? Fighting off crime? Bare-handed? Like Chuck Norris?



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