Little worker bees…

Our lives seem to have been in overdrive for the past two weeks; two weekends ago, J had to go back to Augusta to do some work on our rental there. While he was gone, I primed the cabin (man-cave), put a second coat of paint on the main living spaces, and did a few other projects. Last weekend, I went to North Carolina while J stayed home and worked. He put the second coat of paint on in the cabin (we painted the first coat one night during the week), changed a bunch of outlets and switches out, and also changed out some of the air vents. Almost every weeknight, we give ourselves a couple hours to work on projects, and then we’ll crash and head to bed. Or watch an episode of Downton Abbey. [For serious, this is good stuff.]

In an effort to ready the house for guests this weekend, we finally hung some pictures on the walls (WHAT A DIFFERENCE), and in the biggest victory of all, we re-wired/ installed new switches in the hallway and kitchen. This is no small feat, people. Three-way switches will make you want to punch yourself in the face. After a little bit of tense conversations, drawings, diagrams, running, flipping breakers, mumbling, and three different colors of tape, we emerged victorious over the switches. (And what a difference those make!)

We’ll be back on the regular-blogging schedule shortly, with more pretty pretty pictures and details and updates, but after last week’s post about being stuck in the doldrums, we have emerged and are feeling refreshed and ready to tackle some more projects. Namely, FINISHING THE DANG CABINET DOORS AND DRAWERS. For serious, we still don’t have doors to our cabinets. Which is good for J- it’s helping him remember where everything in the kitchen is located. 🙂

Also on the list?

  • Hang ceiling fans in cabin, master bedroom, craft room, and guest room
  • Trim paint [everything]
  • New doorknobs on hallway closets
  • Paint master bedroom
  • New hinges on all the doors

Those are just the major things to get our house up to speed. Then on to the super-fun projects. Woots!


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