Shady Gray.

So, as you may remember here, we’ve been doing some paint prep. The plan was to pay some friendly folks to paint our house for us, so we could get that step knocked out and move on to other things. LIKE DECORATING. I was expecting the price tag to fall somewhere around the $700ish mark, while J was thinking somewhere around $1200. The painters came, took a walk around, and got a better idea of the scope of work (which now includes hanging crown moulding throughout the house). The painters left, J took a big sigh… and then let the bomb drop.


YIKES. No thanks. I’d much rather spend that cashmoney on something that I can’t necessarily make or do myself. Like composite decking. I sure can’t make that. So I went back to the closet, changed my clothes, and got started. I can paint the house myself, dangit. And repair the walls myself, dangit. And when I say “myself”, I mean “with Jonathan.”

So I busted out my tools (dropcloth, trim brush, and a wet rag), and went to work. We decided that I would be the trim person, while J would handle the rolling. And we also decided that crown moulding would happen, so if we got bits of paint on the ceiling, no big deal. NO BIG DEAL!

Two weeks later, we’ve managed two coats in the hallway, two coats in the dining room, kitchen and living room, one coat of primer in the cabin, two coats in the cabin, and 4 doors completed with trim paint. Annnnnnd I’m about tired.

Also, we decided on a different shade of grey for the cabin (Techno Grey, specifically. So we can get our dance on, of course.). We bought a little tester, and thought it looked good. Then J went to Sherwin Williams to pick up two gallons, brought it home, and we started painting. UM. The two colors look different. WAY DIFFERENT. Like not even a little bit. Luckily, we like the greenish hue for the cabin. But I think we’ll be taking the other gallon back.

CabinStill no progress on the cabinet doors/ drawers. We’ll just put a 3-month limit on that project and hope for the best.

What do you think? Would you have spent the $2700 to have someone else do it?


One thought on “Shady Gray.

  1. Heck no! I made the same decision and painted our whole house so we could afford wood floors. Totally worth doing yourself! You is so smart.

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