Sometimes, I get mad and punch holes in the wall. Or rather, sometimes I get mad because other people punched holes in the wall and didn’t fix it properly, so I make the hole bigger but then fix it and nobody can tell the difference.door hole

So. We had a hole in the wall behind the door in the craft room that needed some fixin. So first, we bought a hole repair patch kit thing from the HD. wallPatchSuppliesExcept I think I bought it a little too big (they come in various sizes, you see). So I basically had to make the hole bigger. No biggie. Punching holes in walls is fun. So I made a little mess and made the hole bigger. WOOT!Hole Repair

Then you just stickum the patch onto the wall. I filled it in a little bit with some wood filler- mostly because the wood filler is textured and the wall is also textured. After that dried, I added a bit of spackle to the surface. Again, let dry, sand, and add a bit more spackle.

Once that was complete and smooth, we bought this fancy wall-texturizer-spray-junk and retextured the wall… we made sure to “feather” it out onto the wall, so it won’t seem so obvious that it’s been repaired. Texture_wall

We tried out the same technique in the dining room, where the previous owner had done a poor job of hole-repair. They forgot the whole “sanding and smoothing” part… so I went back and smoothed the patch out, then re-textured. Then painted, and viola! Can’t even tell!!After_With_Paint


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