Stuck in the Middle.

So there comes a point in every DIY’er/ home remodeler’s life when your hands look like this:   paint_handsWhen you get the wrong color of trim paint mixed, and have to eat it. When you order doorknobs that don’t work and doors look like this:doors

When, although this is progress, it still looks sad:Cabin_duringCabin_primed

And you just get tired. There is [seemingly] a neverending list just to get the house to a point where you can hang a picture on a wall. There are times when you just get overwhelmed and need a night (or two) off. And the hard thing to realize– that’s okay. It’s okay when friends come over and you literally have paint cans/ chairs/ furniture in the middle of the floor.

The point is… we’ll keep going. But the going isn’t always easy and fun and sparkly. There’s a hard part to this all. That’s why not everyone does it. But there’s beauty in the middle- when you realize you’re one half of a team, and perhaps the team just needs a bye week. Or a bye night. So here’s to the couch and a few episodes of Downton Abbey!


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