Handy Husband, Revisited.

After our floors were refinished, we still had to tackle the task of installing quarter round… throughout. Rather, not throughout. Just in the places that were [formerly] carpeted. Dining room, living room, hallway & closets, to be exact. After a good bit of measuring and calculating, we purchased our quarter round and got set to install it all.

If not previously mentioned, we purchased a mitre saw in the black friday madness sales, and it’s been EXTREMELY useful since. Seriously, if you’re even thinking about home reno, this should be on your purchase list.

We cut all the correct lengths one evening, set them in place, and high-fived (there’s lots of high-five-ing in our house). The next evening, J nailed them in (with the air compressor nail gun machine). NailingIn

EXCEPT for this one area. The termite-corner. [I hate termite corners, don’t you?] If you’ll remember back to the floor-fixing days, there was one corner in particular that was surrrriously messed up from termites. The corner sagged, so it had to be lifted up a bit. But it still left us with a hole when we put down the baseboard and quarter round. Exhibit A:Placement

Also in that corner, there was nothing to nail the quarter round or baseboard to. And who wants a floppy baseboard? Not I. So while I was off doing other projects, I gave J the go-ahead to rip out some of the flimsy paneling (since we plan on insulating/ drywalling that wall later on) to fix the corner once and for all. After he ripped the paneling off, we saw this and were sad:BeforeMess

And then he did this and we got even more sad:CrumblyMess

But no worries. he just cut out the rest of the bad/ half-eaten spots and cut a new 2×4 to sister to the sister. Backing up- this stud had already been sistered (another 2×4 was nailed/ screwed to the side of it to account for the gnawed-off portion… thus making it structurally sound). If that makes sense. If not, here’s a picture of the new 2×4 under the old 2×4, secured to the other 2×4. Yes? Yes.Fixed

After that was complete, he replaced the paneling, supplemented with a smallish section of drywall, and then had a somewhere to secure both the baseboard and quarter round to. There’s no “after” picture, because it’s more of a “temporary fix until we re-drywall and insulate the entire wall”. But yay for progress, amiright?

What have you discovered in your house that made you sad? Termites? Terrible wall-repairs? Electrical? Let’s commiserate.


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