Meet the Fam. Part 3. Ringo.

Ringo was the most recent addition to my life, although he came in to J’s life before Lennon. Through a series of twisty and complicated situations, Ringo was reunited with Lennon after about a year or so apart. (They were puppy-brothers.)

Ringo really likes places to hide– closets, under the bed, curled into a ball. He also REALLY likes to wear his thunder jacket and/or Christmas jacket. He gets scared of loud noises sometimes (loud singing, thunder, fireworks, dropping a tool on the floor, etc.), and just likes to be held when that happens. (Don’t we all?!)RingoInCloset

Regardless. Dingo happens to have one of the cutest little squishy faces. He also gets really really proud of himself when he learns a new trick. Or when he does something good at the vet. Like climbing on the scale to weigh himself. He celebrates.

seriousfaceRingo’s favorite things include:

  • Fancy dog food
  • Spinning in circles
  • Sliding on the floor
  • Cuddles with adult humans
  • Cough-barking (his bark sounds like he’s merely clearing his throat)Dingo

Similarly to Lennon, Ringo looooves to cuddle. And run. He’s a fast little bugger, in addition to being terribly agile. Dingo also needed a little bit of structure and playtime in is life. He used to be the biggest offender of eating things. Couches, rugs, shoes, electric toothbrush chargers… Jerk. We learned that his breed (Catahoula) will typically eat things when they aren’t getting enough exercise or attention. Which led us to walks, playtime in the yard, and nightly cuddlefests.DingoAndRenny

Also, Dingo sneaks on the bed. When we lived at the apartment, we were very diligent on keeping the dogs off the couch. Now, however, we realized we were fighting a losing battle. Let’s just keep them off the beds and [try to] throw a blanket on the couch, mmkay?


**update** as of 5:30pm last night, Ringo has officially eaten TWO toothbrush chargers. That is all.


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