Meet the Fam. Part 2. Lennon.

Lennon first came in to my life when J and I were “ummm friends.” I got jealous of a friend of ours (AK… holler back, girl!) because Lennon loves her. Seriously. He’d crawl up in her lap and sit there for hours, if she let him. But he’s 71 pounds, so that can’t last for hours.

RennyOnTheCouchLennon is about three years old, and his love language is touch. His only language is touch. He also doesn’t know that he’s the size of a small pony. His favorite things include:

  • Being touched
  • Touching people
  • Cuddling
  • Cuddling while being touched
  • Galloping
  • Presiding over his yard
  • Napping while standing/ sitting up

Lennon needed a little bit of structure in his life when I started hanging out with him. And a place to hide. After a few months of work, he now knows how to walk on a leash, and sits down at every corner. He is currently learning how to not jump on visitors and how to be ridden like a pony. (SERIOUSLY. This is fantastic.)

So, to get to know Lennon, here’s a little Q&A I had with him last night:

Me: Lennon, what would you say your favorite food is?

Lennon: Hi. Mom. MOM? FOOD? ME? Is that good? Do I like that? Are you touching me? Can we cuddle?

Me: Lennon. Get off. We need to finish this interview.

Lennon: Sorry. I love you. TOUCH ME. OKAY. OKAY. Wait. Are you touching me? OKAY.

At that point, we had to stop the interview because Lennon punched my face with his paw… I wasn’t petting his head enough.nappingLennon *might* be the sweetest animal that exists. He is a protector-animal, and just loves his humans. He is also pretty funny to watch through a window. Especially when he tosses a bone in the air to himself. lennon_presiding

Lennon is also a helper. And likes to fold laundry. As long as you’re standing next to him and *might* bump in to him (touch).

laundry lennon


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