Meet the Fam. Part 1. Ed.

We thought it would be beneficial to introduce the world to the rest of the Goldman herd… you know, the ones that actually run the house. Or run through the house. Either of those is accurate. Regardless, we’re starting with this little guy. Ed Crossing his legsEd is approaching his 14th birthday in April, which means (if you do the math correctly) I got him my Junior Year of high school. (That’s 1999, for all of you math majors. Also, J was in 5th grade for all those other math majors.)Ed laying down

Ed has been to West Virginia University, Baylor University (2x), Texas, Michigan, Canada, Tennessee, Georgia, and a few other states in between. (He really likes to see the world.) He’s lived in apartments, homes, and the RV on occasion, but really prefers a place where he can wander and sniff. He has quite a fan base (who can blame them?), and has friends that know his name that don’t know my name. (He’s way more popular and friendly than I.) Traveling Dog

His favorite activities include:

  • Resting
  • Eating (he prefers popcorn or corn on the cob)
  • Barking
  • Barking at Lennon
  • Naps
  • Pooping multiple times each day

Ed is the resident senior in our home, and he prefers teaching the young ones how to maintain composure when the UPS man arrives. Basically, sleep through it. Because he can’t hear it. (Ed has gone deaf in the last year or so– he prefers it that way.) He enjoys galloping alongside the other dogs, although at his age, he can’t exactly keep up. (It’ll melt your heart to watch him try, though.)EdsLittleTeeth

Ed still doesn’t quite trust J, and in fact, has a bit of a power struggle with him at times. (Which is pretty entertaining to watch.) Ed gets pretty embarrassed when he has to wear sweaters, but gets really proud of himself when he wears bowties. He also enjoys morning hugs and my friend, Nikos. (The last picture is of my brother, Adam… not Nikos.)EdWeddingEdandAdam


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