Estate Sales and why you should go to them.

Some reasons why Estate Sales are fantastic:

  1. You can buy cheap junk.
  2. You get to walk around weird-smelling houses. (They seem to all smell like moth balls, usually.)
  3. It’s “green.” As in… recycled. As in… don’t count on buying anything new.

Estate sales are fun. We have a variety of ways we find out about them; J has a client who runs them (hosts? I don’t know what she calls it…), so we got on her e-mail list, and hear about it that way. We also check for things in the area (that was a tip from our professional estate-saler friend, Britney. Yo gurrrl. thanks.). Sometimes Craigslist tells us… and then other times, we just happen to drive by. (If you live in VBeach, the North End is a good place for that.)

Typically, they’re held for three days… either Thursday-Saturday or Friday-Sunday. And uuusuuuuallly, the last day is 50% off. Which is a really good day to go. You may miss out on some of the super-good stuff, but… everything is 50% off. WORTH IT.

We got an email from J’s client earlier in the week, and were planning to check out a sale in Norfolk… and decided to invite some friends along for the excitement. Whilst there, we learned PEOPLE ARE VICIOUS! Some dude stole a wooden box from my pile of goodies… and a different dude stole a circular saw out of friend Adam’s hand! Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to throw some punches. ORRRRR not. Your choice.

Regardless, behold some of our treasures:

owls_boxThese little cast iron trivet owlies were $2 each! And they’re (obviously) going to get a coat of spray paint. I hid this wooden [jewelry] box until I was ready to pay for it. NOBODY WAS GOING TO STEAL FROM ME AGAIN!!

purse Check out this bad boy. J was not as impressed as I was with it. But it’s all mine. I may or may not have touched that hide the entire time we walked around. Sooooo nice. sugar serverAnd this little silver server cart thing.. needs a little polish, but is great for holding my coffee sugars! Or pushing small things around the yard in…

What about you? Have you found any treasures at estate sales recently? Thrift stores? Flea Markets? What’s the best one you’ve been to?


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