A little bit of paint (prep).

Prepping for paint can be one of the most tedious tasks ever. Ever in the history of ever. Apparently, our house was where they filmed some kind of terrible mysterious thriller, which included forceful entry into bedrooms and occasionally punching through walls.
(joke joke) But really. The doors were pretty banged up. My newest trusty friend, wood filler. This stuff is wonderful. It’s basically a cement-like putty that can actually re-create corners that have been gnawed off. Because my husband is so smart and wonderful and pretty, he figured we should get the big fatty tub, instead of the lil petite guy. I’ve used this on cabinets, drawers, doors, trim… yeah. I think that’s it. (It goes on better with your fingers, rather than a putty knife, btw.) door dings

Anyway, as I mentioned before, our doors needed some repairs. After a measly 4 rounds of putty-then-sand rotations, I’m (kind of) satisfied with the doors. Some may require yet another round- we’ll see how OCD I’m feeling between now and paint day. Regardless. These are the “during” phases. (They now have been primered, thanks to J.)

On to the paint selection. This was the most difficult (by far) task for us. We want the perfect shade. (Who doesn’t?) We love the moodiness of grey, but we love the home-y-ness of tans/browns.

We got stuck on an HGTV color palette, but it just wasn’t giving us the right color for our house. It has some really good accent colors, but just didn’t quite hit the nail on the head. We taped a bunch of samples to the walls, and then bought 4 different paint sample cans to paint swatches on the walls. We knew it was important to paint in a variety of rooms, and see the color throughout the day and evening before we could make our final selection. But decide we did! The winner: Windfresh White from Sherwin Williams. paint swatches

Next up: wall repair. If we’re being honest, I’m about ready to get some decorating done. Picture-less-walls make me sad. So do cabinets without doors. And drawers. But yay for progress.


2 thoughts on “A little bit of paint (prep).

    • Hey Lanette! I believe it’s the one in the left picture on the left… Although I’d HIGHLY recommend getting a sample pot and testing it out in multiple spots. This color TOTALLY changes in different lighting. Sometimes, it looks like a putty color, and sometimes, it’s a cool grey.

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