Fridge, meet Copper.

So, if you follow me on Instagram (click here if you don’t), you may remember when J and I bought this gleaming beast of beauty. We started our search at the Sears Outlet store and found a similar LG. After going home to sleep on it and do a little research, I saw some serious red flags. Comments such as… “I HATE THIS MACHINE” and “I WOULD NEVER BUY THIS AGAIN” made me question our initial decision.

We proceeded to Home Depot and ordered this guy. Using our HD card, which gave us 10% off, on top of the sale price, we were able to bring home a brand-new-undamaged fridge for the same price as the LG. Also, we got free delivery and haul away of the moldy fridge that was residing in the kitchen.Fridge

So we have this fancy fridge, but it was without its lifeblood. Aka, there was no waterline running to it. In comes the handy husband! Not only does he sell houses, he can fix them too. #whataguy. He purchased this little kit from HD, which included the copper tubing, as well as this little clampy-puncture thing. We also purchased some eyehooks to hold the copper in place.waterlinesupplies

He wedged himself in the cabinets and managed to get the eyehooks all screwed in to the wall (about 18-24″ apart), and then I wedged myself in there to help feed the copper through the holes. No, we were not wedged in the cabinets at the same time. We’d still be there.WaterLine

Then he used the clampy puncture thing (after turning off the water supply to the house) and clampy-punctured the pipes leading into the faucet…  CopperClampThe he secured the tubing to the back of the fridge, turned the water back on to the house, and then… WATERRRR. AND ICEEEEE. (Ignore the floor. It’s gross.)WaterlineToFridge

This marks the first fridge I have ever had with ice and water in the door. #bigtime

What about you? Have you been installing any appliances recently? Or would you leave it to the pros?


3 thoughts on “Fridge, meet Copper.

  1. So0o0o0o cool! I am continually super impressed by the stuff y’all are doing. I haven’t installed any appliances lately, but I did master hanging pictures on the wall with a hammer and nails. I know this sounds complicated, but it’s really a breeze.

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