Let there be light!

Okay, there already was a light in the kitchen. But this one is better. Way better. Also, it’s not obscured by a scallop-y wooden piece that was so prevalent in the 50’s. FYI, this type of “accent” piece occurred all across America. Mother informed me this morning that we had this exact kind of trim above our sink in Albuquerque. (It’s in America. Seriously.) Anyway. I don’t like this. I didn’t like this. I wanted it gone. And there was a beauuutiful fluorescent fixture hiding behind it. Which also needed to go.CutTrim

J and I went to a Hobby Lobby in Augusta when we were there for Thanksgiving (WHYYY AREN’T YOU IN VBEACH, HOBBY LOBBY?!?!). Whilst perusing the aisles and being reminded of how fantastic Hobby Lobby is, I came across this bad boy. I bought him. Originally, he was going to go in the hallway. But he was needed in the kitchen. But wait. It was only a metal structure octagon-but-not-at-all kind of object.Light Supplies

Off to the interwebs I go! I found the light kit here, which seems to be the only online source to purchase light kits… (does anyone else have an idea of where to source a light kit?) So after the light kit came in, I was still in a fix. It wasn’t quite wide enough to span the width of an opening the octagon-but-not-at-all object. Whilst wandering around Home Depot, I stumbled across these guys. Reducing Washers. Right. Reducing Washers. Which is something I should definitely have remembered from my Ferguson warehouse days. (Must’ve blocked just about everything from those days?)

Then I used a jig saw, combined with this DeWalt MultiMax thing J got for Christmas (thanks, Mom & Dad!), and cut out the scallop-y trim piece. Turned the breaker off for the fluorescent fixture, and continued until I was left with this.Fluorescent Removal I’ve recently discovered Voltage Testers. My new best friend. Even after the power was cut off to the fixture, I wanted to make double-sure a current wasn’t running through the wires, so helllooo voltage tester. After connecting all wires appropriately, I could screw in the bracket to the ceiling. And then the ceiling canopy after that.light_plate

And viola! A new kitchen light! (I still need to purchase a new bulb- fluorescent twisties don’t really do the trick here… we’re thinking an Edison bulb will be much more appropriate.) Additionally, I need to finish spackling and filling the underside of the soffit before it’s fully complete. But in the meantime. LIGHT.Finished

What about you? Have you recently completed any lighting projects? Do you use fluorescent bulbs in exposed fixtures?

** update ** Here are a couple photos of the finished fixture (with the edison bulb)…  Kitchen Pendant Detail_HouseofGold Kitchen Pendant_HouseofGold


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