Pretty things in the bathroom.

Weird to talk about “bathroom things”, no? Well, good. I agree. But this is something that’s fun. And not weird. Hopefully. J and I wanted something to fill up this awkwardy spot in the hall bath, and hopefully something that would add some color and a little bit of funsies storage. So. Off to craigslist I go.

I found this little guy and sent it to J, with our agreed-upon subject line for all home-related items. Which includes a timeframe for him to respond with an answer. OCD? Perhaps. But it works for us. IRREGARDLESS. He responded with a simple “yes.” cart_beforeI set up a time (after work) that J and I could go pick this bad boy up. And, as previously mentioned here, we showed up to a strange little (not so little) warehouse that was jam-packed with goodies. We shoved shelfie and the chair into our car and took our treasures back to the homestead.

The shelf needed a solid coat o’ spraypaint, and I had a couple cans of red laying around. That’ll do, donkey. I roughed him up a bit with some 120-grit sandpaper, and spray-primed a couple of coats.cart_sanded Then on to the fun part: Red. RED. TAYLOR SWIFT, DID YOU SEE THAT? (seriously, we might be besties in real life. but we also might not be. she breaks up with a lot of dudes.)

So. Shelf with red=beautiful. Shelf with red in bathroom= fantastic. But really. You be the judge. And if you don’t like it, just don’t tell me. Pretend anyway. I’m fragile. Like Taylor Swift.



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