Sarah, your room is done.

SERIOUSLY. SARAH. Come move in. NOW.

I tried to entice my “bwt” to move in by telling her that she’d have a room in our new house. With a real bed. You see, Sarah came to stay with us the exact weekend that we were moving in to the new place. And poor pookie was sicky and we kinda tricked her (but not really) in to moving things into a moving truck. Sadface. But then we tried to also tell her that she’d have her very own room and real-life bed to sleep in when she returned. And then we told her we’d name it “Sarah’s Room”. She still hasn’t moved in.

Regardless, I knew this project would be something we could do real quick-like and have major impact. Both in the decluttering of the garage and in the moving-in-ness of the Guest Room. All we had to do was find the hardware to put the bed together.

Once that had been located, we used an allen wrench (apparently, I was wrong in my naming of wrenches, and this is my public apology, mmkay?) to screw the bed frame together. Pretty quick process, actually. Side note- J scored this awesome bed from a client of his for 2 Ben Franklin’s… Did you know it was recently Ben Franklin’s Bday? True. Happy Bday, yo. Back to the bed. trundle bed

Scored a rug from West Elm and paired it with a couple other promos of theirs (pretty sure it ended up being $99). And then. This chair. I found a shelf on Craigslist that we were going to put in the hall bath (there will be more on that later). Went to go pick it up from a (slightly) sketch warehouse with massive amounts of fun things inside, and snagged this chair for a mere $50 bones. (Half a Franklin, in case you’re still in the Franklin-mood.) guest chair

Ta-Daa! A place for our friends. #COMEVISITNOWSLARCAT.


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