Cold hands, Warm heart.

Apparently, I have a very warm heart, if the old adage is true. Hands and feet = always cold. Not entirely sure if my heart is warm or not, but it keeps pumping… which probably means it’s warm. Everything else on me is generally always cold, too. I had major hesitations about having hardwood throughout the entire house. Mostly because my feet would get cold when walking on it. But, if we’re being honest, my feet would get cold on carpet, too.

But I digress. The real star of today’s post. The thermostat. (See? Partially related to the first tangent.) We had an old thermostat. It worked. Ish. I mean, you could generally count on having a nice glow when the thermostat was set to 65 degrees. But count on icy frigid-ness when set at 62 degrees. So… J – in all his manly glory – set to take care of his woman and fix the issue of cold hands. Or warm hands. Whatever the setting was.

I picked this up from Home Depot, per J’s instructions, and brought it home. As soon as I showed up with it, he set about changing out the old for the new. Which means– open everything up and put it all out on the table. (Notice my purse still on the table… barely set it down before AnxiousAnnie started working.)

Thermostats_unpackagedFirst, turned the power off to the unit, so he wouldn’t shock himself. Obvi. Then came the simple task of dismantling the old. Cover plate off, unscrew, un-wire, and viola. A few wires poking out from the wall. Old thermo

thermo undoneEnter new unit- rewire, as appropriate (black to black, white to white, etc.), screw back onto the wall, and then attach the cover plate.

new thermoBOOM. New thermostat, which is fully programmable. SERIOUSLY. These things are super-fun. You can make it cold at night, and set it to start warming up an hour before you wake up. SO YOUR FEETS DON’T FREEZE. Who thought of this? I’d like to personally thank Mr. Thermostat. Anyway. No more cold hands. Woots!


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