Cabinets, round two.

So I didn’t quite finish priming the interiors before move-in, as I had hoped. Let’s just say after one mega-session of painting Kilz, I had a bit too many fumes in my system to press on. Which, really, is fine. It’s giving me time to figure out how to organize the cabinets, and what I might need in them to make the spaces more effective. (These bad boys changed my life.) It also gave me plenty of time to realize that we are spice-hoarders. WHO NEEDS THREE BOTTLES OF GARLIC POWDER?!?spices

So in the break-time of non-painting, I started sanding down the doors. I removed all the hardware (but kept them in some cups, just in case I need them later), and then went to town. I quickly realized that 100-grit sandpaper will not do the job on this kind of nast. So on a Home Depot trip, I upgraded to a 60-grit. I figure after the first pass, I’ll fill in holes with some wood putty, and then sand with a finer grit.


After a couple hours of sanding, I was only about halfway through the doors/ drawers. Pretty discouraging, but also realistic. I sometimes think these types of projects could (and should) be complete in a couple days. I’m re-learning that if you want to do these projects correctly and not burn out, slow and steady is the key. Especially because a couple of the drawers or doors need some (minor) repair. Should be able to fix it up with some gorilla glue and clamps. (We’ll keep you posted.)

drawer damageHoping for good weather this weekend, so I can finish the [first round of] sanding and finish priming the interiors. Hooray for progress and for the stomach flu not residing in our house any more!


2 thoughts on “Cabinets, round two.

  1. We have similar cabinets in age & identical in hardware. You’ve definitely gotta sand those babies down if you want the paint to stick & you don’t want to see the outlines of that old hardware. I didn’t sand ours down enough:):) Also, it took a whole for me to find new hardware that fit those cabinets, so I can offer what I found if it’s helpful. Good luck!

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