Hidey-ho, neighbor!

J and I toyed around with this post for a bit… Mostly with how to name it. We were leaning mostly toward “How to be a Man, Part 1”. So. In my words, this is… how to earn your Man Card. From a woman. That doesn’t make sense. But I still think I would give J another stamp on his Man Card for this project. It mostly involves Home Depot, Power Tools, and Manual Labor.

In this family, J is the numbers guy. He just gets that stuff. I, however, majored in Art. Math is not necessarily my “thing”, although I didn’t hate it. Anyway. I digress. Step 1 was calculating the supplies. Which includes lengths, numbers of posts, and numbers of pickets. That’s a lot of numbers. But J got it. Yay.supplies

So. Dig those dang holes. Use a post-hole digger. Go down pretty deep. And then once you dig it deep enough, drop the post in there and drop some (dry) concrete in the hole. Add water, and viola!… let it sit. (Some people call this “curing”.) (Remember, these instructions are all from my perspective.)

concrete postOh- also, make sure that dang thing is level. This handy little level was a whopping $5 bones, and levels in three different directions. WORTH IT. And it has a fancy elastic strap.

fence level

So keep going with all your posts. Cement. And let it sit for a few days. Those things gotta be secure, silly. gate posts

I missed this middle step with the camera. But basically, screw in the horizontals, then go for the verticals. Believe me, two people and a level can speed this process up. Yay. fence completeHooray for fenced in yards. The dogs go CRAZY back there. A couple (minor) tweaks left with the gate section… more on that later!


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