This may be the easiest project I’ll ever post. Granted, it took about 4 weeks to complete, but it was easy nonetheless. I was at Jo-Ann’s one day and came across this fabric– J and I don’t always agree on design choices, but we can usually find a compromise. As for this, though… we both really just liked the fabric. #homerun #nocompromiseneeded


So. Fabric purchased. I then laid out the fabric to cut in large panels. Obviously, Lennon and Ringo were of no help. Ed, however, decided to stay in the living room… which was a help. Thanks, ed… (btw, ed can’t read.)


I then folded the sides of the panels over– about 1/2″– and sewed a straight seam. Woo. Straight seams are fun. Then I folded up the bottom about 1.5″ and hey-ooo…. another straight seam!

Next, collect supplies. Tape measure, pins, scissors, and no dogs. Definitely no dogs. (Also, take note of the sexy linoleum. We’ll take care of that one day. As for now, we’re pretending it’s not there by putting carpet squares over it.)

suppliesTheeennn I waited until we hung the curtain rod, in order to get the length juuuust right. Once we hung the rod, I measured, folded, and then pinned away. After pinning, I spaced the round thingies (which is the actual term… promise) along the top edge, marked (using a permanent marker and the plastic template), and cut my circles.


I took the back side of the plastic thingie, lined the front up to it, and snapped it together.


finishedBOOM. Continue 7 more times, repeat for a second panel, and toss those puppies up. Sorry- finished picture will come later. (They still need to be steamed. RELAX.)

YESSSSSSS. Another project down!


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