Walkin on Gold…

1. Public Shaming moment for me in not updating the blog for a while. BUT FOR REAL. We moved a house. And cleaned the old one. And went to Key West (hollaaaa!). And did um… some other things. So eeeeassssy on the shaming.

2. We have LOTS to share with you! Multiple posts– hooray!

3. Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. (Movie reference… anyone?!)

So with our silly closing getting pushed back a few times, we ended up getting our keys on a Wednesday night. J and I took ourselves over to the house to de-staple and de-tack the floors. More on that here. With that step complete, the floor guys came the very next day to begin their magic.

-tangent- Why did we pay someone so much monies to do something that we knew we could do ourselves? 1. We’ve never done it before, and while we’re gung-ho on some things, floors seem like a bit bigger of a deal to mess up. 2. Termite damage. And we don’t know what we’re doing as far as repairing these sections go. Again, we probably could do it… maybe… 3. Floor refinishing is MESSY. We wanted to do it while there was nothing in the house- nothing to clean up in the end. And we were leaving town. Ergo, cough up the dough and get it done. -end tangent-

They started by sanding the bedrooms. With us LEAVING THE STATE for the week or so after that, we had them stain a teeny 2’x3′ section with our two stain selections (Special Walnut and Provencial, in case you were wondering.) He also poly’d over both areas, giving us a third option– natural.

stain options I went with my gut on this one- I liked how the Provincial (on the right) gave a lot more depth and contrast in the wood grains.

Our good friend was able to go by and snap a few pics of the place after it was all sanded, but it was a big giant surprise to see the finished product. We were so anxious to return and see how the floors looked/ how our stain selection went/ how our house was feeling after being so dusty, etc. Additionally, we had termite damage in our floors. And we knew there would be sections they would have to repair… but we wouldn’t know until after they sanded exactly how much damage there was. #anxious


So while we were gone, they sanded, repaired, stained, poly’d, and ta-daaa!!! THE FLOORS!

LR CompleteIMG_0436CurtainsAndFloor

oh… is that a hint for the next post? Why yes, yes it is.


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