I feel like bologna

So we finally closed last Wednesday night. We were supposed to close at 5pm, only to show up to the closing office and be told they had a bit more paperwork to do and then they’d call when they were ready. SURRRIOUSLY. It was, by then, hard to be thankful when you feel you were being dragged around and punched. Much like bologna. (To be honest, that made a lot more sense in my head.)

Regardless, we went to Le Target and purchased a bit of (completely unnecessary, but 50% off and therefore “a really good deal”) holiday swag. Then we got the call to go sign papers. And papers. And more papers. And just when we thought we were done, a bit more papers to sign. Good thing I had already practiced signing my new married name… but more practice never hurt anyone. We got to use these bad boys. pens_resizedWe left the office feeling slightly bruised from the whole process, but glad to have it over with and ready to work on our new house. I went home and got the three pups, loaded them in to the convertible (really, this is a fun thing to see… perhaps there will be a picture of it one day.), and headed to the new place. J was going to get us some (fancy WaWa) dinner, and then meet us at the hizzy.

We had a strict timeline to work with- the floor had to be de-stapled and de-carpet-tacked before the next day, when the hardwood floor guys were going to start sanding and prepping the floors. Oh, and the contractors were going to show up at 6am to start working on removing a wall (section) between the living room and kitchen. We finished our de-stapling adventure around 11 and headed back to our teeny apt to shower and sleep. UGHHHH but I couldn’t sleep. Seriously. Got like 2 hours of sleep that night, and felt a little bit like I got run over by a truck the next day.

Let’s start with the unwalling, though. (We’ll leave the floors and other projects for another time.) Let’s take a quick trip down Memory Lane… Remember before? (And there’s a major hint here about our next post… remember to note that there is carpet in this picture.)Wall Before

These guys are good. Within 2.5ish hours, they had removed drywall, installed the fake wall (the supports), and then installed the header and jack studs. (Are they called Jack studs?) Regardless. The wall hole was completed before the floor guys even got there. The plaster guy then showed up and did his thang. (By the way, this guy was GOOD. He matched the plaster pattern on the adjoining areas in 3 -other- places in the house.) But really. Pictures are much better than all these blah blah words. WOOTS.Wall Demo

Annnnd it’s done! YES! Even with a little view from the front yard. All the way to the back!

wall After

Really exciting to finally be working on the house, although right now, we’re sequestered to the kitchen and the exterior… something has to dry/ cure. 🙂


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