One more day.

So the House didn’t close yesterday either. Womp Womp Womp. Instead of letting my head explode from thinking/ worrying/ stressing about this house business so much, J and I went to go work it out before dinner. And as I was sitting there on a recumbent bike (thank you, arthritis) in the rec center, I watched the news. Obviously, coverage is still heavy on the shootings in Connecticut, so for the half hour I cardio-ed it up, I watched and thought.

If the hardest thing the Lord asks of us is to be patient for TWO DAYS, we are incredibly blessed. We have the ability to purchase a home. And renovate it. And be together. WE ARE BLESSED. We are so thankful that we get this opportunity, and that we can have this house. We had two extra nights without house stuff to do. One date night. And one night that we could spend with three of our good friends, who are in the Navy. And they are safe. Their work is to protect our freedoms and fight for America. And we get the privilege of hanging out with them on a Tuesday night, eating super-incredibly-cheesy lasagna. We are thankful for the two extra nights.

But we still got dressed up for house-closing. BECAUSE IT’S HAPPENING TODAY. Third plaid’s the charm, people.



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