The agony of defeat…

House closing was *supposed* to be yesterday. So we got ourselves all dressed up and ready to go! We knew the lenders were a little late with the HUD (HUDD? I don’t even know. This is J’s territory of knowledge.) documents, only having received the draft late Friday afternoon. But we were hopeful. And well-dressed.

Day1 Sometime around 1, we were about 97% certain the house wasn’t going to close on time (ie- the documents weren’t ready yet). We were reallllly bummed, having planned to remove staples and tack board (from the carpet), and clean out the kitchen cabinets. We had a contractor set up to get in to the house early this morning to remove the wall from the living room to the kitchen, with the plaster guy following him close behind on Weds, with the flooring guy to begin his repairs/ sanding/ staining/ refinishing on Thursday. So we’re thinking that this may upset our plans a bit. (Duh, it will.) But it may just mean that the demo of the wall will happen on Weds, with the plaster guy finishing up after Christmas.

Regardless. We were sad. So we walked down the street to one of our favorite restaurants for 1/2 off a bottle of wine and some pizza to cheer ourselves up. Whilst there, I learned that J successfully managed to eat a teaspoon (tablespoon?) of cinnamon at a good friend’s bachelor party. I watched the video. #boysaresoweird. non-closing

We’re hopeful that the closing will happen today, and we can get started on our de-stapling adventures. So hopeful, in fact, we dressed up again for Round Two.



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