This makes me feel nauseous.

So J went to the house the other afternoon to rip out the remaining carpet. Since we decided on refinishing the floors before we move in (to allow them proper time to cure), we figured it’d be best to save a step that the floor guys would have to do. Also, we knew that the house had some termite damage, and wanted to see how bad the floors under the carpet were.

Luckily, we knew about the termite issue from the Home Inspection- and the homeowner had already taken care of the majority of the beams/ supports under the house. (The contracted company missed a few of the supports and had to go back and re-do what they had missed the first two times… seriously. We called for a second opinion TWICE to check the first company’s work.)

J sent me a couple photos of the damage he discovered whilst being all manly and ripping carpet out of a house WITH HIS BARE HANDS. Back off ladies, he’s mine. Anyway. I’m not going to lie. I felt sick. I wanted to curl up in a corner and not deal with it. Although, to be honest, this is a very small section that needs to be (completely) replaced. It just made me want to find those termites and punch them all in the face. And their termite-family, too.


So, with that being said, we’ve upped our estimate of how much refinishing/ repairing the floors will cost, which may push the kitchen reno out a bit further than what we initially hoped for. But we think it’s important to do things right, which in this case, means spending more money than we thought. Which may also mean that we’ll do a few minor fixes prior to the bigtime kitchen reno (including cheap flooring and painting cabinets). A mere 4 days away untill we get those little keysies in our handsies!

Does anyone out there have experience with Termite-eaten floors? Did you cough up the dough to have them repaired?


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