My brain might explode.

We’ve been planning our brains out lately… dreaming and scheming. Which is fun and stressful. But more fun than stressful. And lucky for us, both Home Depot and Lowe’s have kitchen design tools. So we ran over to the house, took some quick measurements, and dreamed up a new kitchen. This project is in the 6 months-1 year away category… basically, we need to save our pennies and then we’ll knock it all out at once.

I ended up using the Lowe’s designer- for whatever reason, it was a bit more user-friendly, and I liked their cabinet selections better than Home Depot. We’ll see how that ends up down the road. You just plop in a few sizes and some appliances, and viola! A kitchen is born!

We’re thinking that perhaps in the meantime, we’ll paint cabinets and put some contact paper down- just so we don’t get sad about our kitchen feeling old and dingy. The kitchen- as it is- has solid pine cabinets. Which would feel like a shame to waste. So perhaps upon OperationKitchenRenovation, they’ll be able to be relocated to the garage. I saw this and got jealous. (scroll halfway down and check out this guy’s garage!!)

Behold! The plan!

kitchen_planningWe love open shelving- we’ve got a couple of shelves in our place now, and just really enjoy seeing what we have and being able to grab it. So we want to continue that in to the new place- the open cabinets to the right of the window and left of the fridge will either stay open cabinets, or be just shelving. TBD. And glass-front cabinets make me really excited. Really.

What I’m most excited about, though? A dishwasher. And counter space. And an Ice Maker. And drawers. And everything.

And then, of course, we also have big plans for the master bedroom… DON’T GET JEALOUS.bedroom

Less than a week away!!!!!

What about you? Have you used a kitchen planner? What worked best? Also, can there ever be too much plaid in the world?


8 thoughts on “My brain might explode.

  1. I’m lovin it! Just a small warning… Repainting kitchen cabinets is TEDIOUS and TIRING and NEVERENDING. But worth it when on a budget. Pictures of me doing my cabinets to follow.

  2. I agree any DIY work around the house can be tiring & stressful but sweat equity= money saver!! But the kitchen cabinets could be done as a weekend project. Simply remove all doors sand everything, wipe off excess dust from sanding & paint. Sounds easy but it takes time. I did my bathroom cabinetry and it came out great! Check out my page to see the before and after,

      • To get the existing color off which I’m sure they have polyurethane on them… I just sand them down then wiped off any excess sanding that may might still be on the wod then painted it.

  3. Goldmans! Awesome plans! We are slowly but surely doing some upgrades to our abode in Charleston! But we keep getting distracted by building chicken coops and beer brewing… priorities!!! haha

  4. Hi Kelly,
    Aunt Donna here. We cleaned/sanded/cleaned/stained/varnished our kitchen cabinet doors, etc. a couple (maybe 3) years ago. The main thing is to get them CLEAN, Clean, clean! There are a couple of spots we thought were clean but deep down grease came up:( Overall they look a ton better than before!
    I found your blog from the card you sent Granddaddy Wren. We hope to see you on your next visit to GA. Is your e-mail address the same? I want to send you a picture of the fabric bowls I made for Christmas presents.

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