Some more before photos!

We are so excited about this house. We keep making lists (to each other or in our heads) about what we’re most excited about. It could be any number or combination of these factors:

  • a yard for the dogs– and being able to open the back door to let them out. (We currently have to escort them from the front door to the back yard.
  • closets to hang coats
  • more than 18″ of counter space
  • central air & heat
  • a front porch
  • a garage for projects
  • a separate shed
  • a guest room

Anyway. We can keep going. Or I can just post some more “before” photos.

interior_livingspacesTop Left: Living Room, Top Right: Dining Room (complete with textured ceiling), Bottom: Den/ Man Cave

masterQuite possibly one of my favorite places in the house: The master closet. Cedar lined beautiful-ness. And the teeny tiny master bath. I think I’ll start calling it the master SPA.

hall_bathroomHallway leading into the hall bathroom. Which was just gutted and redone. *sigh*

kitchenKitchen and wall that will (almost) immediately be demolishedddddd. (Sorry, wall. We just don’t like you that much. And you’re interrupting OUR FLOW.)

ExteriorsBack yard/ Side yard/ Front yard for the miniature horses to gallop in.

Less than two weeks away!!


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